For all interested,
Having never heard back from Skagway City School, nor having received a single application for the Sitka Fine Arts Camp Scholarship, I have re-routed the funds and the method for obtaining the scholarship. It is, of course, still available.
The $450 dollars raised has been donated to the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Skagway Aerie #25. This group donates every year to middle/high school students wishing to attend the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. This year, the funds for these donations are lower than hoped for. So, I have given $450 to the Eagles. The money is to be distributed evenly between all students who request financial help from the FOE. As well, the FOE will donate additional money to the students requesting help. As before, all the money will be used for the sole purpose of attending the art camp and will be used for the 2010 session.
Contact myself or the FOE for more details.
Thank you,

winter travels


I’m off to India until April.
Email will be the best way to reach me.
If you don’t have it already, send me a message through the contact on this site.
Back to Alaska after these travels, seeking work & quiet.

Enjoy your Winter…

It’s set up and ready to go!

If you are a Skagway City School Student interested in applying, contact the office of the school for application procedure information.

As a reminder, the scholarship was set up by donating 10% of my painting sales during a one night showing at the Red Onion Saloon’s Bombay Room in Skaguay Alaska, Sep 2009.
Check it out!

The reason I am sharing this with all of you is in hopes to inspire all you artists & organizers out there to take on similar projects. It’s surprisingly easy and it can make a huge difference in someone’s education. This was my first shot at such a thing. But it is a big hit here in Skaguay, the town supports the idea. Meaning, next year it could be even bigger!

Keep working, creating, and sharing. And pass on any stories of your artistic endeavors!

Special thanks to Jan Wrentmore, for the use of a commission free gallery space, and for a surprise donation of over $200 to the cause!

Opening Page of Scholarship Statement copied below. Please send me an email for a complete copy of the scholarship. Feel free to use it as a template, guide, or idea.


Daniel Papke Scholarship for the Sitka Fine Arts Camp.


To provide financial assistance to one Skagway City School Student wishing to attend the Sitka Fine Arts Camp in the summer of 2010. The money was generated by donating a percentage of my painting sales in September 2009.
In this way, the scholarship is a reflection of the local interest and support of the visual arts.

The Red Onion Saloon hosted the sale event, and Jan Wrentmore, owner, made a matching donation toward the scholarship.

This is a one time offer this year, but I hope to continue this scholarship each year henceforth. If $1,000 dollars is raised next year, the scholarship will be awarded to two students, and so forth.


Total Scholarship Amounts to $450*

10% of art sales: $213
matching donation by Jan Wrentmore: $213
subtotal: $426
rounded up to $450

*Scholarship will be made available in a check form, addressed to the parents of the recipient, unless the awardee is 18 years of age and holder of their own checking and/or savings account. The money is to be used only for the tuition and/or travel expenses directly related to attending the Sitka Fine Arts Camp 2010 session. $50 of the award may also be used as reimbursement of the Arts Camp application fee. In addition, the scholarship will only be awarded upon providing proof of enrollment in the 2010 Sitka Fine Arts Camp.


The Daniel Papke Scholarship for the Sitka Arts Camp is available to Skagway City School students, currently enrolled in grades 6 through 12, planning to enroll in the Sitka Fine Arts Camp - 2010 High School Session or the 2010 Middle School Session.
Applicants will be asked to provide examples of their artwork in a digital format along with an essay on the value of the Visual Arts in today’s world.
The award will go to the student showing strength in both of these areas.

emilie-rose currin


a film by emilie-rose currin.


hurra torpedo

lost lost lake

we stomp the marsh of lost lost lake.
the jolts quake ten feet back.

where sundews sweat an oil that attracts insects
and ensnarls them - a clumsy food - we jump
and swim and compel a ground that
only grows over the water.

my forearm, dotted with mosquito bites.

a gunshot scares zarathustra all the way
to the beginning of the trail.

my chest sweats its own lake,
lost over the bulge of a thousand whiskeys
and a snailing metabolism.

jut, amy, sam, (******), and i are a tremendous group.
our smiles are real,
so hard to find anymore.

swimming in wine and beauty,
we tumble towards a gigantic sleep.

8 june 2009

a firm wind blows solitude back into this valley.
my cabin moans and clicks
trees know that they don’t know that they claw
their fingers along my metal roof,
tracing the rain that feeds them.
i can admit that they’re not speaking to me
but don’t ask me to deny that they speak.
only humans speak to each other
all else speaks with.

my voice is not the truth of my mind,
nor are my actions. the mind is its own truth,
void of a pure expression.
my heart speaks only with blood, yet its ache
is far more ferocious than the movement of cells.

some breaths draw all the worlds into the lungs,
some only seek oxygen.
passions breathe from the heart
to be reconciled in the brain, only to be sent
back to the heart, pumped into cells that travel
toward the fingertips and the eyes, where
they look for a way amongst the physical.

the wind picks up, pumelling a crow’s momentary flight
before it finds ground on a telephone wire.
its claws fingering the hundred silly conversations
trapped in that thin black tube.

28 may 2009

The Hero Discussion

21 September 08

Update on Visual Aspect of this Project

The Rake Art Gallery closed earlier this summer. I have canceled the visual manifestation of this project, deciding that this topic is best approached via discussion rather than visual imagery, esp paint.
So please, continue to write on this board. Let’s gather as much response as possible and get to the bottom of what position and role the hero plays today.
Thank you.

The Hero Discussion

9 March 2008

Response to Jeremy Tucker’s last posting:

- In a culture of self reliance how does the role of the hero play into the identification of the individual?
Self reliance manifests ultimately into the idea that we should be able to accomplish all tasks without the help of others. Of course, most people know this to be impossible. Who is termed then to be self-reliant is the person who holds some portion of knowledge about how to accomplish many things, and/or the person who executes basic survival skills without the assistance of society (i.e. the jack-of-all-trades and/or the Alaskan homesteader who lives off the grid).
When those who depend on others, or those who live within society and cities, then look toward the self-reliant person, the dependent then separate the self-reliant into a category different from their own. Some would call the self-reliant ‘heroic,’ while some would use the term ‘crazy,’ and all subtleties in between. This nomenclature depends on the individuals own goals and life views. Albeit, most of us consider the self-reliant to be heroic, and so strive to fulfill what it is that self reliance means to each of us.
- If society could be seen as a machine or mechanism what part of that mechanism would the hero play?
The hero can play any part within the machine. Because we individually define a hero within the boundaries of relativity, the hero can come from any walk of life. For example, an impoverished person can be considered heroic when that person brings food for the family, while a king must benefit an entire country to be considered a hero. A heroic deed is an overcoming, a rising up, a feat of change, all perpetrated with nobility and the illusion of selflessness.
- Is there a clear division of individual from the group when it comes to the function of society, or is it that society as a whole function through a group of individuals?
Society does function as a group of individuals. It is only when removed from that society, that we can observe it as a whole. For example, I can only exist day to day, perceiving that individual day as the whole of my existence, yet when I look back, at say 2006, I am able to place each individual day into a thematic year. And so, in addressing my comment that the hero is somehow diametrically opposed to the social group, I see a blurred line here. In this statement, I see room for an individual to commit heroic acts without breaking the dynamic of the group. As we are in fact animals, it is impossible to imagine a community in which an individual, or group of individuals, does not step forward and act as sort of leader or inspiration. However, there is room for this behavior while still maintaining the integrity of the community.
- Is there an importance placed on the strength of an individual or is it a hindrance to the function of the machine if the individual stands out separate from the group?
I see the hindrance occurring when the group focuses on the individual as being virtuous. The fear I have is that the group may fall into a sort of hero worship, where the deeds of an individual become more important than the benefits of those heroic deeds. But to commit a deed which benefits the group, or to be a strong individual who assumes responsibility within a group, is a virtue not necessarily attached to the acts of a hero. The hero part of it comes in the nature of the deed, the relativity of the situation, and in the measure of the obstacles overcome.
- Does the strength of society only come from unified strength or individual strength?
The strength of society is a culmination of both. Within a movement of unified strength, there will be those individuals who rise above, or stand out from, the average output. A sustainable society must maintain unity. This unity, however, is not exempt of strong individuals.


The strength and virtue of an individual is an important component of any animal group. This is not the thing that troubles me. I am troubled by the elevation of that individual to what I perceive to be an unhealthy stature: the hero. In heroicising a person, we run the risk of thinking that person contains something that we do not, that they are able to commit acts that we fundamentally cannot. Take Christianity for example. This has haunted Christians for two thousand years – how can one live the life that Christ did? It seems, or is, impossible. And so Christians have both suffered through guilt and invented the action of Christ dying for all our sins that we inevitably will commit because we cannot possibly live as Christ did. Out of a fear of eternity, Christians have re-written history and haunted their existence with the deep dissatisfaction of knowing they will never be as good as their hero. It is within this manifestation, within this view of the hero, that I detect a danger. It’s not to say Christ did anything wrong. It’s not to say that admiring his ‘heroicism’ is harmful. It’s in the level of admiration that harm occurs.

To be continued…