The Hero Discussion

19 March 2008

torn, the hero pulses
thru thicks of woods.
each step smashes the ground,
forcing small worlds toward gravity’s source.
it’s natural, it’s natural.
in order to walk forward
we imprint the ground.

sticks snap brisk and clear.
small bursts of frost explode
toward each expulsion of cloudy breath.
when forward stops, a vast and burdensome
silence engulfs the hero’s head.
keep moving.

is the hero a vehicle for change?
or must something be fixed?
is there room for a hero if nothing is broken?

a cold branch brushes ice
across quickly closed eyes
and the journey moves back into the hero’s feet.
it’s natural, it’s natural.

all creatures need something
to walk towards.
thru woods and across pavements,
in silverware cafes and silent winter bedrooms.
headfirst, we all chew our breath.