The Hero Discussion

30 April 2008

Part two of the response to Jeremy Tuckers questions:

- Are the ideas of the Hero in society born from the accomplishments of the individual?

In so far as I understand it, yes. And within that idea lies the danger of separating the individual’s actions from the collective whole of a society. This is not to say that actions of an individual necessarily separate that individual from a group, or to say that even if that were the case that it is inherently harmful for ones actions to be perceived as individual, but is meant to alert the reader that within this train of thought lies the road to the belief we can judge one by ones accomplishments without taking into consideration that individuals motives and situation. In other words, we have all accomplished heroic deeds in our lives relative to our situation. My concern is to whom goes the responsibility of deeming an accomplishment societally heroic?

- Is the importance of defining a hero to give strength to the group, where otherwise weakness would disable their function?

In situations that have included a group’s triumph over a difficulty, via the inspiration brought by a specific heroic action or chain of events, this is absolutely true. In all honesty, I believe this is the most beneficial role of a hero. This takes the solitude and alienation of imposed individuality out of the deemed hero and redefines that hero’s role as an important part of the greater good of the whole.

- Could society survive without hope, and could it be that the hero is no longer needed in contemporary society?

I don’t think it’s possible to do anything but survive if you are without hope. Hopelessness breeds stasis.
And to answer the second part of this question is why I took on this concept for an art project. I don’t know the answer, but I would love to find out.


As a reminder, I have set up this dialog with the hope of encouraging you to join in on the discussion. This blog is set up so that you can post on it as well. As stated, I am not an authority on this topic. I took it on as a concept because I am curious about it. Any input from you would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to post questions, answers, responses, resources, etc. I, and anyone who reads this, await your words.
Thank you.