For all interested,
Having never heard back from Skagway City School, nor having received a single application for the Sitka Fine Arts Camp Scholarship, I have re-routed the funds and the method for obtaining the scholarship. It is, of course, still available.
The $450 dollars raised has been donated to the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Skagway Aerie #25. This group donates every year to middle/high school students wishing to attend the Sitka Fine Arts Camp. This year, the funds for these donations are lower than hoped for. So, I have given $450 to the Eagles. The money is to be distributed evenly between all students who request financial help from the FOE. As well, the FOE will donate additional money to the students requesting help. As before, all the money will be used for the sole purpose of attending the art camp and will be used for the 2010 session.
Contact myself or the FOE for more details.
Thank you,